Metallurgy: More than three decades forging the future

The metallurgy department transforms aluminum into outdoor furniture for chill-out areas, terraces or gardens. We develop Balinese beds, armchairs, poufs,..., made with fabrics capable of withstanding inclement weather.

Metallurgy, that millenary discipline of transforming minerals into metallic wonders, has been the pillar and pride of our company for more than 30 years. From our humble roots to becoming an industry leader, every forged, cast or machined part reflects a legacy of excellence, innovation and commitment to quality.

For three decades, we have mastered the vast universe of metallurgy, from traditional processes to the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. Whether in the production of industrial parts, the creation of architectural structures, or the design of meticulous interior details, each project bears the imprint of our vast experience and the distinctive seal of quality that characterizes us.

Our longevity in the market is not only due to the quality of our work, but also to our ability to adapt. The world of metallurgy has undergone technological revolutions, and we have evolved to keep pace with these changes. The incorporation of advanced software, precision machinery and sustainable production techniques are testament to our determination to remain on the cutting edge.

But beyond technology and machines, our true asset has been our people. Artisans who understand the silent language of metals, engineers who envision innovative solutions and a support team dedicated to ensuring that every project is completed with efficiency and precision. Over the years, we have fostered a culture of constant learning and improvement, allowing new generations to draw on accumulated wisdom while bringing new perspectives and skills to the mix.

One of the most valuable lessons of these three decades has been the importance of sustainability. In a world increasingly aware of environmental impact, we have taken on the responsibility of adopting eco-friendly production practices, from recycling to resource optimization, ensuring that our footprint on the planet is a positive one.

Looking back, 30 years in the metallurgical sector represent countless projects, challenges overcome and goals achieved. However, each day reminds us that the true measure of our success lies in the relationships we forge: with our employees, with our customers and with the communities we serve. In every piece of metal that takes shape in our shops, we see not only the reflection of our past and present, but also the promise of a bright future, forged with passion, dedication and an unwavering commitment to remain a leader in metallurgy for decades to come.

Metallurgy in Mallorca

Decoraciones Egea, based on the idyllic island of Mallorca, has established itself as a leading metalworking company, specializing in the creation of metal furniture and decorative elements for the hospitality and catering sectors. With a focus on innovation and quality, our company combines traditional techniques with contemporary designs to offer unique and durable products.

Our range of metal products includes everything from elegant furniture structures to bespoke decorative pieces, all created with a high level of precision and attention to detail. We understand the importance of aesthetics in the hospitality industry, so each design is crafted not only to be functional and durable, but also to bring a distinctive touch to each space.

The manufacturing process at Decoraciones Egea begins with a thorough understanding of the client's needs. We work closely with them to ensure that each piece reflects their vision and fits perfectly into the establishment's environment. Whether it's bar counters, chairs, tables, or decorative elements, each project is handled with the utmost care to ensure customer satisfaction.

The quality of materials is fundamental to our work. We carefully select high quality metals that are resistant to weather conditions and the wear and tear of everyday use. Our ability to work with a variety of metals, such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum, allows us to offer a wide range of finishes and styles, from rustic and traditional to modern and minimalist.

At Decoraciones Egea, we are also committed to sustainability and the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. We use techniques and materials that minimize the impact on the environment, aligning ourselves with the island's sustainability practices.

Every project we undertake is a reflection of our passion for excellence and our commitment to innovation in the field of metalworking. We offer our clients in the hospitality and catering sectors solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of their spaces, but also provide functionality and durability, all while reflecting the beauty and character of Mallorca.

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